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calling me across the universe

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Across the Universe Stamping
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Across the Universe Stamping Community
The Comm. what_universe is a stamping community for the musical Across the Universe, directed by the brilliant Julie Taymor. The goal of the community is to exercise our rights as movie&LJ lovers to rate each other as characters from Across the Universe.

The Mods. dandeleo Ella! & mypet_virus Sasha! We're the mods who have decided to elope over our mutual obsession love of Nirvana (not to mention we're both Max!) It was destiny for us to rule this valliant community together...
Ella: I'm a freshman at Connecticut College, going to be an A&E Journalist. I'm a leo, enjoy long walks in the rain, strawberries, and rabid making out in exotic locations. Was that too much information? I'm 18 and have creepily blue green eyes with yellow in the middle. I'm really enthusiastic and passionate which is why I care about this community and the movie so much!!
Sasha: I’m 19 and I’m majoring in criminology. I’m really, REALLY, cool. But you’re going to have to take my word for it. If I come off as anything not cool…it’s because I was trying to. I didn’t want to overwhelm you. I like cigarettes and rum more than I like your face. That’s about all you need to know. Also, I have a lovely bunch of coconuts and once knew a man from Nantucket. You’ll love me, seriously.

one No character pushing! The point of the community is to see what people think you're like, not for you to choose who you want.

two To show you've read the rules, please put like a lizard on a window pane in the subject line of your entry

three You can vote on other applications before you've been stamped, so please do!

four make sure you put all entries under an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do one, go here and scroll down.

five Make sure you vote honestly. Don't be a sheep and vote along with everyone else. Really take time to read the application. That's what you'd want to do if you were being voted on!

six And just like you should take time to read, take time to write. expand on your answers! If there's not enough info one of the mods will comment and let you know.



See all stamp options here.

Themes. Same rules as above apply.

Current Theme The re-stamp theme. Pick any theme or the regular application and apply for a re-stamp.

Past Themes
The Crew Theme. Application. Stamps.
The Song Theme. Application. Stamps.
The Look-a-Like Theme. Application. Stamps.

Stamped Members. The List

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